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Laptop Chip level training chennai

Why should learn laptop chiplevel training in sk computer technologies ?

Sk computer technologies is one of leading laptop chip level service training in chennai which teaches complete knowledge of laptop motherboard chiplevel, we are fully equipped training for laptop chiplevel and our lab consists of using micro soldering iron, smd workstation, Oscilloscope, Debug card, Bga Machine, complete schematic based teaching, practical tips is provided by our technical experts.

SMD Electronics and using SMD Workstation

  • Knowledge of Voltage, Current, Power and measurement
  • Checking method of resistor, capacitor, inductor, diode, transistor and mosfet
  • Soldering of small components such as resistor capacitor etc.
  • Removal and replacement of Power IC, Super IO, Charging IC etc.
  • Bios software flashing

Laptop Motherboard Schematics Reading

  • Analysis of Stage 5, state 4, stage 3, stage 1, stage 0< /li>
  • Schematics analysis of No power on section
  • Charging section, analysis Power Plane
  • Checking Voltages 19v, always 5v and 3v, R.A.M voltage 1.8v, Cpu core .9v
  • Practical and Experienced based Trouble shooting
  • li>Multiple manufacture's motherboard such as HP, DELL, ACER, HCL etc analyse schematic

Using Oscilloscope and Bga Machine

  • Measuring clock, data, chipset signals
  • Removing and replacing BGA Ic
  • Measuring Super IO clk and data signals


  • How to solve Dead laptop motherboard problem
  • Solving restart, hang problem in motherboard
  • Checking connectors such as usb, audio, lan etc.
  • Processor fan not working
  • No charging problem
  • How to Check Host controller voltage, cpu core voltage


100% Practical Training